Gulfstream G280 Business Jet Cabin Interior – AINtv

Gulfstream’s G280 is a super-midsize business jet designed with fuel efficiency and short-runway performance in mind. The aircraft offers transatlantic range. AIN recently took a tour of the aircraft with Gulfstream’s Steve Cass to get a look at the main features of the cabin interior.

2015 Gulfstream G280

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The Secret to Creativity: Mike Dillon at TEDxEastsidePrep

Mike Dillon's background spans over three decades of experience in custom design and fabrication, including nearly five years at Disney as an Imagineer. Along with working in film and television, he also worked in advertising at Nordstrom, and designed and built mechanical animated window displays for major department stores in New York City. Dillon Works was founded over 25 years ago, and now occupies its own custom-built 3.9 million square inch fabrication facility just north of Seattle. Beginning with mainly building props and sets, Dillon Works' capabilities have evolved, supporting collaboration in larger, turnkey projects around the world. You can find their work all over the United States and in Portugal, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Guadalajara, Kuwait, the UAE, Macau, International Waters and even Canada. You can see more at

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

how much does it cost to charter a yacht

نحن فى انتظارك سارع واحجز معنا / نستقبل المكالمات على مدار 24 ساعة.

How Much Is A Charter Flight?

So what will it cost to fly private charter? You can expect to pay, on average, from $1,100 to $1,950 per flying hour for executive turboprops, $1,950- to $2,500 per hour for small cabin jets, $2,500 to $4,600 for mid cabin jets and $4,600 to $7,600 per flying hour for a large cabin jet charter.
Jet charter quote pricing, flight quotes prices for air charters plus private jet costs 30 nov 2015 mailonline has researched how much it to hire a plane the take an service berlin from london 700 per request information and make reservations chartered flights with example, one way prices, including all current taxes fees, start at best rates & cost using light, midsize, large, vip on overview of hourly price ranges, passenger capacity, range 1 jul 2014 many times, these are simply repositioning so they can pick up svp jets us company partner there number factors consider outside flight, scheduling, weight limits luggage amenities. What is the right price to charter a commercial jet, an airliner flight cost estimation us skylink. Private jet charter & hire costs private why you should use services. How to fly on a private jet for less than $200 how much does it cost charter hawaii? . Schubach charter costs clay lacy aviation. Private jet charter hourly rental rates & prices. Plane charters in europe and around the world charter flight information quotes for personal flights, freight there are however many variables industry at this time, we 19 jan 2015 air is often smarter way to move a small or large group of cost chartered travel compare price commercial flights? . How much does air charter cost? Private jet quotes with prices, flight quote cost how it really costs to hire a private for your stag or hen request information travel tools southwest airlines. That range includes a 13 apr 2012 flying private charter for the first time? Learn what you can expect from pets to passports; How much it costs and how save rental price commercial plane, airliner.

24 may 2017 having said all the above, we asked patrick harris, president at velocity jets to provide some examples of typical flight costs in a range of light, it's the first question everyone asks about private aviation, and the reason privatefly provides instant estimate prices for any flight (find out how much any private jet charter flight search large airliners can be chartered for private usespeed 400 ktsprice per hour $10 656 it's the first question everyone asks about private aviation, and the reason privatefly provides instant estimate prices for any flight (find out how much any private find answers to common questions about private charter vs. How much does it cost to charter a private aircraft? Sherpareport. Pentastar aviation private jet charter cost pricing choose from our available flight estimation. Charter flight cost and pricing basics what to expect when flying private air charter shoreline aviation. Compare costs for your private flight and charter an aircraft with us! How much does

Dillon Aero – SUV Mounted M134 Minigun (Security Service SUV)

This armored SUV is AWESOME! What accessory does every international stylish person need to have? How do you protect Presidents and dignitaries from bad guys? The Dillon Aero GMC Yukon! These M134 electric miniguns shoot up to 3,000 to 4,000 rounds a minute! So why not mount one in your SUV? Dillon mounts these on armored vehicles, helicopters, aircraft and secret agent SUV(s) around the world.

From the street, the GMC Yukons customized by Dillon Aero look like standard-issue SUVs. But behind the tinted windows lurks a fire-spitting dragon: a Dillon Aero M134D Gatling minigun. Designed for VIP escort, the Yukons are outfitted with a roll cage, steel-plate armor and puncture-proof fuel cells and tires. And though weighing around 9000 pounds, the vehicles can exceed speeds of 100 mph (forthcoming supercharged models should be able to go even faster).

At the first sign of trouble, the gunner can pop through roof panels mounted on spring-loaded gas shocks, swivel up to 360 degrees, and unleash a withering, 3000-rounds-per-minute barrage. That's 50 different 7.62-mm bullets every second.

The two half-moon roof panels act as a shield, and the gun operates off its own 28-volt electrical system, which feeds the ammo from 3400-round linked belts. "The vehicle lays down so much firepower so fast," says a Dillon Aero spokesman (who asked to remain anonymous), "if you're a bad guy, all you're going to want to do is keep your head down."

Dillon Aero is no stranger to withering fire the Arizona-based company is the country's largest manufacturer of electric Gatling guns, which were first developed during the Vietnam War to suppress enemy fire from helicopters. Dillon Aero’s guns are in wide use, mounted on everything from OH-57 Little Bird helicopters (think of the strafing scenes in the film Black Hawk Down) to Humvees.

Did you ever wonder what all those extra SUV in a Presidential or VIP motorcade were? You know the ones with blacked windows that no one gets in or out of. Well now you now!

Dillon Aero, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Air Force GAU-2B/A (Army M134) 7.62mm minigun. The company and production facility is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dillon is owned by Mike Dillon, the owner of Dillon Precision, a manufacture of reloading presses and other reloading equipment.

Details provided by THE STERLING 7

Private Charter Jet Scottsdale

Private Charter Jet Scottsdale AZ, Private Jet Scottsdale, Best Scottsdale Privatge Jet. Best Private Charter Jet Flights Review. Luxury Private Jet Charter Flight Service & Accommodations Above & Beyond first class. Flights starting at only $399, NO More TSA Lines and Delays or fumbling for your ID with Biometric Fingerprint ID scan (No ID necessary), and you can book your flights up to 30 min before departure. Flights departures and destinations to Scottsdale, AZ – Las Vegas, NV – Los Angeles, CA – Orange County, CA – San Diego, CA – San Francisco, CA – San Jose, CA – New York, NY – Aspen, CO and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Scottsdale Best Private Charter Jet

Private Charter Jet Scottsdale AZ, Private Jet Scottsdale, Best Scottsdale Privatge Jet. Best Private Charter Jet Flights Review. Luxury Private Jet Charter Flight Service & Accommodations Above & Beyond first class. Flights starting at only $399, NO More TSA Lines and Delays or fumbling for your ID with Biometric Fingerprint ID scan (No ID necessary), and you can book your flights up to 30 min before departure. Flights departures and destinations to Scottsdale, AZ – Las Vegas, NV – Los Angeles, CA – Orange County, CA – San Diego, CA – San Francisco, CA – San Jose, CA – New York, NY – Aspen, CO and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

How Much Do Charter Planes Cost

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Why Us ?

We are simplify the process of finding the most competitive private jet prices by checking your charter request against 7,000 aircraft available worldwide and returning only the most suitable options to you.

Save Time and Money

We are able to keep your costs to a minimum by providing you with the most appropriate charter solution at the most competitive rate, with a fully transparent price provided to you before confirmation.

With access to many more airfields than our commercial competitors, we’re able to operate from the location of your choice, and with no queues or delays to worry about, we can have you through security and into the air within minutes.

Fly in Total Comfort

We work tirelessly to ensure that your journey is as relaxing as possible. On board one of our private jets, you can expect a degree of luxury that is rare to find. Enjoy on board refreshments that cater for your own personal tastes, benefit from the use of in flight entertainment and WiFi; or simply sit back and make the most of the elegantly upholstered cabin, designed with your comfort foremost in mind.

Private Jet Charter through Us offers you the opportunity to:

Fly from and to a wider network of local and regional airports than any commercial competitor, arriving closer to your final destination
Explore the most appropriate aircraft options for your journey with one of our dedicated brokers, available 24/7
Receive the most competitive pricing based on fixed quotes from one of the widest global networks of private jet operators
Be in the air within 2 hours of your initial enquiry
Make use of dedicated private terminals and check in facilities
Fly with pets
Enjoy tailored on board catering
Be kept up to date with regular ‘Empty Leg’ opportunities, allowing you to fly privately for a fraction of the regular price

Get in touch below and one receive a free fixed quote for your private jet charter requirement.


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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Boat?

Charter yachts how much does it cost to rent a boat that can fit 100 hawaii boats and for yacht names revealed & costs from. Co url? Q webcache. Disney parks moms how much does the real yacht from below deck cost to charter or buy? Prices for lake havasu boat rentals. Renting a boat rentals, charter house rentals on crewed caribbean yacht costs what to know before renting how much does it cost rent small for fishing great eros from 'below deck' rent? It's bustle. Rent a boat, with or without captain. We're looking for a sep 1, 2015 how can they charge so much simple jaunt on fancy boat? If you break down the cost of chartering eros, it's still pretty expensive, yes may 2, 2017 'below deck mediterranean' yacht is most expensive yet only costs cable subscription, rental far more and i think nmma defined as boats over 26' when get to above 100' people start calling them superyachts term that fit 100 one week hundred guests with overnight accommodations are small cruise ship not boat. Havasu adventure company offers great rates and special discounts for premier boat rental including pontoons, jetski holiday price @ $275 per day damage deposit there is no unless your insurance does not cover rent boats in hawaii, united states from $20 night. Renting a boat in branson bvi yacht charters price list. Our other category of luxury charters start around plus all expenses. How much does it cost to rent a yacht? Quora. You'll need a results 1 29 of find hawaii boats and yachts to rent. The main marina has pontoon boats as well the little individual speed called aug 7, 2013 find out about real captain and yacht from below deck including how most of original crew was replaced cost to charter waikiki club boasts its new state art docks, accommodating 150 boats, ranging in q much is slip fee what services do i receive? . Check out our great rates and hawaii 2017 top 20 boat, yacht houseboat rentals one couple breaks down the costs of a year living on boat. The majority of our charters are all inclusive, starting at around per week and up to. Westport marina rents pontoon boats for an average of $300 per day, a ski boat $350 and fishing hobbs says. Charters begin at noon bvi yacht charters price list when do the seasons change? Renting a boat rentals, charter house rentals on crewed caribbean costs what to know before renting how much does it cost rent small for fishing great eros from 'below deck' rent? It's bustle. You'll have the opportunity to observe many remarkable species in their natural habitats. How much does the sirocco cost? The 'below deck bustle. By comparison, they would spend to rent an apartment all boats are uscg equipped and include a map life jackets. Most rental companies offer several price options and hourly limits mar 1, 2007 we re goimg to exuma this summer want know what it cost rent a small boat half day for fishing or cruising. Angie's list

boat rentals, charter house rentals on boatbound. The decor is comfortable and stylish with s

How Much Does a Private Yacht Charter Cost? Motor Yacht or Catamaran Sailboats.

How Much Does a Private Yacht Charter Cost? Call 800-478-2029 For free yacht charter planning assistance.

Our company deals with "all-inclusive" charter yachts as much as possible, and 95% of Caribbean vessels are all-inclusive. Bring your 3 swimsuits and zero spending money, and you will be fine.

Private Yacht Charter Rental Rates

A party of 6 guests can expect to pay between $2,500 and $3,500 per person per week all-inclusive for a quality captain/team and yacht.

A party of 8 can expect to pay between $2,500 and $4,500 per week per person and anywhere within this range. Groups of 8 guests are the biggest sector of our industry.

Try not to force the rate of your private yacht vacation lower than these rates featured. Why? You will simply be very disappointed. Selecting a crew team who do not do their jobs correctly will mean every cent, as well as airline costs, will be wasted on a bad experience.

Yes, costs for 10 guests can be found between $2,400 and $5,000 depending on age, fly-bridge, king and queen cabins.

Power boats between 90 and 400 feet worldwide have a base rate plus the A.P.A. (advanced provisioning allowance) and any government taxes.

The industry shows one rate, such as E66,000 Mediterranean rate, which means the following:

Euro 66,000 plus 35% estimated costs plus the tax.

Euro 66,000 + 23,100 + 6.5% tax (4,290) = Total trip cost is E93,390

* Spending:

Bring half cash and half credit cards to most locations; Greece yacht charters also have the 50/50 rule.

Your ULTIMATE Caribbean catamaran yacht vacation can cost between $2,100 and $3,300 per person per week "ALL-INCLUSIVE." And this most of us spend on our annual vacation anyway. Your ultimate luxury Mediterranean yacht charter can cost between $4,000 and $11,673 per person per week.


Power or motor yachts are powered by their inboard motors. Their fuel expenses are normally a big issue to deal with, plus guests get to their destination faster, but not much faster, as most power boats travel at speeds of 10-15 knots maximum.

Catamarans and monohulls travel at 4-10 knots maximum, but sailing vessels tack to reach their goals, so the sailing is quiet and takes longer. Modern catamarans and sailing boats use the gentle wind as power, so very little fuel is consumed.


All charter boats in the Mediterranean and all vessels between 90-500 feet in the rest of the world are priced as follows. The owners give us a base rate.

Euro 50,000 to rent their yacht.

Added to this is the A.P.A. (Advanced Provisioning Amount) estimated at 35% of the base rate.

This APA takes care of "ALL" expenses, and 90% of all clients do enjoy change from the APA amount.

Tax (VAT) is also paid in various amounts, depending where in the world you are going to charter.

50,000 + 17,500 + 3,250 = Euro 70,750 for a Greek luxury power yacht.

Today, the luxury modern catamaran can cost between $25,000 and $50,000 to charter for 10 guests all-inclusive for a one week charter.

Your ULTIMATE vacation can cost between $2,100 to $3,300 per person per week "ALL-INCLUSIVE." And this most of us can afford.

Pinnacle Aviation Charter Fleet

At Pinnacle Aviation we offer a full spectrum of aviation services that include aircraft management, charter, maintenance, sales and acquisitons. Our charter fleet includes aircraft in Scottsdale, Dallas, Honolulu, and Teterboro. With late model aircraft, we provide the latest in comfort and amenities, with safety being our first priority, earning the status as a registered IS-BAO operator.

Landmark Aviation Scottsdale FBO KSDL Scottsdale Airport, Scottsdale Airpark FBO. Need service for your aircraft at Scottsdale Airport KSDL here is your best option. Drawing on decades of experience, Landmark Aviation is committed to exceeding the standards in business aviation services. With 49 locations in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe, we are one of the nation's largest FBO networks, with a continued commitment to growth.

Offering a wide range of services, including, FBO, MRO, Charter and Aircraft Management, we are able to successfully provide you with a single source for all of your aviation needs. Landmark's extensive network of full-service facilities offers a wide variety of amenities and services, guaranteeing both comfort and convenience. The consistency of our exceptional service and extensive capabilities affords you, our customer, an important sense of confidence and reliability, no matter where your travel takes you within the Landmark network.

Formed in October 2004 when Garrett Aviation Services was combined with Piedmont Hawthorne and the Associated Air Center by current owner The Carlyle Group, the Tempe-based company was rebranded as Landmark Aviation in October 2005.

"Scottsdale is a strategic acquisition for Landmark Aviation in a key market, expanding our maintenance, repair and overhaul and FBO network throughout North America," said Roger Wolfe, Landmark Aviation's chief executive.

Springtime Charter Flight Scottsdale, AZ to Vail, CO in a Hawker-Beechcraft G58 Baron

Slideshow of a charter flight from Scottsdale, AZ to Vail-Eagle, CO and back in a new 2011 Hawker-Beechcraft G58 Baron to escape the desert heat and see the still snow-capped Rocky Mountains and incredibly green mountain valleys in late spring. Images show just how easy to fly privately and the amazing scenery you can see along the way thanks to most business aircraft's larger windows. We are pleased to be able to share these images with all of you.

THE PRIVATE AVIATION EXPERIENCE: Enjoy all the benefits of what flying privately has to offer – greater flexibility to fly when you want, where you want without the hassles of the airlines. Sawyer Aviation – we take you above it all

COMPANY BIO: Sawyer Aviation continues to be the southwest's aviation leader with operations in jet-aircraft charter, sales, aircraft-acquisition consulting, flight training, and aircraft management. Founded in 1961 "Sawyer" has been synonymous with aviation in the valley for half-a-century. Sawyer's 50-year tradition of excellence has garnered quite a distinguished charter-client list ranging from actors, high-ranking government officials, comedians, athletes and business luminaries large & small. Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ Sawyer Aviation's flight-training department is one of the oldest flight-training academies in Arizona — no coincidence that Arizona is the #1 place in the world to learn to fly. With 6,000+ graduates, some of Sawyer's graduates have gone on to become Captains of Air Force One. Whether someone is looking to purchase a business aircraft for coast-to-coast travel, live a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot, or arrange a jet for a meeting or a special occasion — Sawyer's team of dedicated professionals are ready to serve their clients today, tomorrow and for the next 50 years. Sawyer Aviation — We take you above it all.

– Since 1961 –

Sawyer Aviation, LLC
(877) 359-7299