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Set Jet lets you travel in celebrity style! AZ Family Feature!

Story by Scott Pasmore

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Flying by private jet is how most celebrities and wealthy people travel. Let's face, who wouldn't want to fly that? But there's one problem. It's expensive!
What if you could travel like a high-roller for a little more than price of a first-class ticket?
With Set Jet, a new private jet service operating out of Scottsdale Airport, you can.
Set Jet has two large jets that seat up to 15 passengers. They fly to L.A., Las Vegas, Orange County and San Diego, and will be adding New York and Cabo San Lucas next fall.
There's a monthly membership fee of $99, and one-way flights cost less than $400.

On board you can sit where you like and with whom you want. A flight attendant waits on you with free drinks and snacks.

Passengers we talked to said they liked the convenience because they can park for free at Scottsdale Airport and walk on the jet at the last minute after showing their thumbprints.
Just go to for all the information on becoming a member.

This information is subject to change so be sure to visit our website including FAQs and Terms and Conditions at for more detail.

Set Jet LLC acts solely as an agent for its members in facilitating air transportation and other membership benefits. Set Jet does not own or operate any aircraft. On behalf of its members, Set Jet facilitates all flights using the services of FAA-certificated Part 135 carriers. Membership in Set Jet is subject to Set Jet approval in accordance with Set Jet's terms and conditions.

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Embraer Lineage 1000 inside A Large Business Jet Scottsdale Video Would you like true business jet? Embraer, once one of the largest commercial and military aircraft companies in the world, brings 37 years of manufacturing excellence to the aviation industry. In May of 2006, Embraer entered the private jet market when they introduced the Lineage 1000, an ultra-large executive jet based on the Embraer 190 regional jet airliner. It surpasses equivalent aircraft in range, cabin size, baggage space, and the ability to indulge. Certified the beginning of 2008, the $43 million Lineage already bodes well with customers with 20 firm orders to date. Cabin layout Takeoff at Sea Level, feet 6,135
Landing Distance, feet 2,694
Certified Ceilings, feet 41,000
Fuel Consumption, gallons per hour 626
Total Variable Cost $4,579
High Speed Cruise, knots 470
Ranges, Four Pax, Nautical Miles (NM) 4,500
600 NM Mission, Fight Time 1+33
1000 NM Mission, Flight Time 2+27

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Gulfstream G550 Business Jet Cabin Interior – AINtv

Gulfstream’s G550 is the company’s second largest business jet, after the G650. AIN takes a tour of the aircraft to get a look at the main features of the cabin, which is available in a variety of layouts.

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Gulfstream G550 landing in Hong Kong

Cockpit view of a G550 landing at dusk in HK

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Gulfstream G650 Private Jet

The Gulfstream G650® ultra-large-cabin, ultra-high speed business jet is, quite simply, the gold standard in business aviation. The flagship of the Gulfstream fleet flies faster, farther, and more comfortably than any other business aircraft in its class.

The Gulfstream G650® offers the longest, widest, tallest, most comfortable cabin in its class, a living environment designed to provide maximum comfort, safety and productivity on those 7,000 nm (12,964 km) trips to distant world capitals.

Gulfstream is The World Standard® in business aviation. The Gulfstream product line offers an exceptional combination of price, performance and value-added customer preferences in each segment of the mid-cabin to ultra-large-cabin business-jet market.

Gulfstream employs more than 11,500 people at 11 major locations: Savannah, Ga.; Appleton, Wis.; Brunswick, Ga.; Dallas; Las Vegas, Nev.; Lincoln, Calif.; London, England; Long Beach, Calif.; Mexicali, Mexico; Westfield, Mass.; and West Palm Beach, Fla. With more than 50 successful years in the industry.

Gulfstream G650 Private Jet Specifications:
Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Model: G650
Type: Heavy Private Jet
Cruising Speed: 956 km/h
Maximum Range: 12,964 km
Operating Altitude: 15,545 m
Exterior Length: 30.4 m
Exterior Height: 7.8 m
Cabin Width: 2.6 m
Maximum Payload: 2,948 kg
Seating Capacity: 11-18 passengers
Baggage Volume: 5.5 cu.m.

GC Privé. A World of Luxury.

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Gulfstream Jets

Beautiful footage of the G150, G200, G450, G550 taxi, takeoff, land low pass,
interior, etc. Filmed in High Definition by Eric Rice at
Air to Air footage shot by a california company with a speacial rig on a Learjet. Music by Jered Schuerman from Atlanta, Georgia

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Tour of the $66.5M Gulfstream GS650ER jet

At the National Business Aviation Association in June, the line to catch a glimpse of the new Gulfstream G650ER private jet was the largest of the conference. The "ER" stands for the updated "extended range" version of the luxurious G650. This highly anticipated $66.5 million aircraft is capable of flying nine-tenths the speed of sound and already has generated a waiting list winding into 2017.


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Gulfstream G550 with Jay Z Avery Johnson New Jersey Nets arriving for Lebron James in Cleveland

Jay Z with Avery Johnson and the New Jersey Nets front office arrive in Cleveland on a G550 to try and get Lebron James to come to NJ.

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Flying the Gulfstream Private Jet from London to Dubai

In January this year I flew a Gulfstream IV private jet on a scheduled charter flight by Jetsmarter from London Luton to Dubai DWC.

This is a video of the 6.5 hours inter-continental private jet flight and you get to see the difference to commercial flying.

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Pilot Report: Gulfstream G650

Aviation Week's chief aircraft evaluation editor, Fred George, put Gulfstream's G650 through its paces in Savannah, Ga. To read the full aircraft evaluation go to

*Re-uploaded due to required edits in the original version*

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