How to command AI – Arma 3 [Voice + C2 + AI-mods]

Some general information regarding AI squad commanding in Arma 3. This video should give a broad understanding of it.

I have been researching how to play with AI for a little while now since I came across the C2 Command & Control mod. Since I could only find videos about each of the different aspects of how i like to play, I decided to fill that void with this video. It should be a good stepping stone if you want to play missions in the same fashon as I do with voice and mods.

Special thanks to LoneConspirator for all the discussions about AI, MCC4 and ALiVE. Also for building the awesome missions where we get to test it all. Check out his channel here:

Links to check


Voice attack


Arma 3 Field Manual

Regarding AI autocombat


Rydygiers Liability insurance



Vcom AI

Fire Fight Improvement System

ALiVE mod

Arma 3 Eden update v1.56

This video made with content from ArmA 3, a Bohemia Interactive game.
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