Citation V – single pilot flight to FL450!

This video shows the take off checks, the departure and the climb to FL450 in a Citation V business jet. This is single pilot under an exemption granted by the FAA (a 12 months recurrent simulator course and check is required).
ATC is recorded and the procedures in the cockpit are explained with captures.
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Gulfstream G550 final approach Teterboro, NJ

A Netjets Europe Gulgstream G550 on a flight from Puerto Rico to Teterboro, NJ. This video shows the landing at Teterboro, NJ from the cockpit.


Landing on runway 21 in Scottsdale, AZ after a cross country flight from Henderson Executive outside Las Vegas. Aircraft is a DA-40 with G1000 glass cockpit. Tower asked me to expedite the landing due to Lear jet coming in behind me after he executed a missed approach hence the modified b-line for the runway after the turn to base. At this point I had about seven hours in the DA-40 and about 10 landings. Camera is a GoPro HD.