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3 Ways to Reduce The Operating Costs of Your Private Jet

I often get asked about how to reduce operating costs, in this video I share my 3 top tips.
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The Tampa Transition! Single Pilot IFR Flight in Busy Airspace

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Staycation 2014 Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia

Valley of the Sun residents can take advantage of Summer Staycation specials during the summer months, including the beautiful Omni Resort Montelucia. or for information

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Set Jet lets you travel in celebrity style! AZ Family Feature!

Story by Scott Pasmore

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Flying by private jet is how most celebrities and wealthy people travel. Let's face, who wouldn't want to fly that? But there's one problem. It's expensive!
What if you could travel like a high-roller for a little more than price of a first-class ticket?
With Set Jet, a new private jet service operating out of Scottsdale Airport, you can.
Set Jet has two large jets that seat up to 15 passengers. They fly to L.A., Las Vegas, Orange County and San Diego, and will be adding New York and Cabo San Lucas next fall.
There's a monthly membership fee of $99, and one-way flights cost less than $400.

On board you can sit where you like and with whom you want. A flight attendant waits on you with free drinks and snacks.

Passengers we talked to said they liked the convenience because they can park for free at Scottsdale Airport and walk on the jet at the last minute after showing their thumbprints.
Just go to for all the information on becoming a member.

This information is subject to change so be sure to visit our website including FAQs and Terms and Conditions at for more detail.

Set Jet LLC acts solely as an agent for its members in facilitating air transportation and other membership benefits. Set Jet does not own or operate any aircraft. On behalf of its members, Set Jet facilitates all flights using the services of FAA-certificated Part 135 carriers. Membership in Set Jet is subject to Set Jet approval in accordance with Set Jet's terms and conditions.

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Some effects and visuals may not be suitable for those that suffer from epilepsy.

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound, Jonah Lilja and supapao.

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Air Charter Service | Air Service | Private Jet Charter Service | Worldwide Air Charter Service

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Private Jet Flying to Grand Cayman Island, Vacation

2011-01-12 Flying to Grand Cayman Island, Vacation

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Scottsdale Airport Up Close

Scottsdale Airport, your gateway to Scottsdale and metro Phoenix. The City of Scottsdale's Airport provides many amenities that you would expect from an airport of this caliber. International flights that compliment a Gulfstream 5 or a Global Express, which are long haul aircraft that can come from places such as China and Japan directly to Scottsdale Airport. They have the pilot and passenger in mind, with plane-side vehicle delivery, and crew cars to make it easy to get to your meeting or activity. There is also U. S. customs service, 8,000 ft runway to support a Gulf Stream 5 or Global Express, fueling service capabilities throughout the airport and much more.

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